To Hunt a Feast

Man Li, MLitt. Curatorial Practice

To Hunt a Feast
Man Li, MLitt. Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art)
A Live Performance, CCA Glasgow, 4th August, 7 pm.

To Hunt a Feast is a participatory live art event bringing together for the first time two Glasgow-based artists, Enya Zia Fortuna and Christopher Croucher, as part of a new commission.
The event references the archetypal faun and mermaid characters from ancient mythology, which represent the relationship between humans and nature. The two artists, both with backgrounds in dance, explores the symbolic ritual of hunting and the feast that follows, seeking to create a sense of community between themselves and the viewers. The ritual aims to provide a moment of catharsis for the audience, harking back to a time when the hunt was a fight for survival and touching on instincts that still reside within us.

The event combines experimental choreography with elements of music and sculpture, inviting the audience to participate in a ‘performative feast’. It explores themes of life and death, competition and play, and power dynamics through a multi-sensory performance with guided participation.


Man Li is a producer and curator from China, currently based in Glasgow. She takes live performance art as a starting point, further exploring art in a broader socialpolitical context. She has organised lectures and events since her time in China and has been developing her working skills with institutions and artists from diverse backgrounds. This year, Li has curated live art events such as ‘Ubiquitous Authority’ (Glasgow Autonomous Space) and ‘Hairy Death Spiral’ (CCA, Glasgow). Li is a member of the non-profit organisation Sishu in Beijing. She holds a BA in Art History from the China Central Academy of Fine Art (2017).

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