Surplus Food


ThrowawayGourmet has had a busy 2018 and 2019 keeping our regular monthly events at Kinning Park going while taking part in events outside of our standard meals – as you’ll have seen at the Glasgow Goes Green event!

After the November event we had a Christmas collaboration with the Kinning Park Complex cooks to give them a week off cooking, which overall went really well and we are looking to organise another collaboration with them in the near future in order to keep the dialogue going. We also catered for the Glasgow Community Food Network Winter Social that was held in the Vic Cafe, giving us a chance to use the Milk Catering Kitchens as well as extend our reach outside of the school and into the wider community.

January was a slow month with everyone getting back into a routine after the Christmas break and so our event for that month ended up being held on the 1st of February. Styled as ThrowawayGourmet Strikes Back, we had a good return to form after the break and had some new volunteers who were keen to get involved in the cooking side although it was slightly quieter than our usual meal with around 30 people showing – likely because of the weather at the time. Overall it was a good meal that helped show us that we’re able to get the monthly meals organised and that we are getting into a routine with them with little to no hiccups or problems now – which will ideally allow us to keep these going regularly while having one-off events as and when we feel.

Obviously later in February we had our stall at the Glasgow Goes Green event in the Assembly Hall, using surplus food that we cooked using Milk’s catering kitchens again. We feel this event went really well and helped get our name even further out into the community and over to groups from Glasgow University amongst others – so well that our food ran out before the event was even over! We have been in contact with Glasgow University’s student environmental group GUEST after this event and are possibly going to help cater an event for them in GU’s Wildlife Garden.

We organised another one of our monthly events for March Another Day, Another ThrowawayGourmet We are hoping to be more organised for our future events also and so we have booked out KPC hall for April event next month which will take place on Friday the 5th of April .