Waste Wood Furniture

Shreesh Agarwal, Product Design Engineering

Reclaimed wood pieces are like enveloped letters. You sand them to open the envelope and find out beautiful lines inside.
I see dirty, mouldy wooden pallets lying around the city but what I fail to understand is why they need to be thrown away. So here is my first experiment in reclaiming the wood and turning them into a piece of furniture. Of course it takes a bit more effort in getting the planks out and cleaned before you could use them but these planks have a real character. They have cuts and bruises on them. They are not uniform looking as in the case of new wood. This is what gives the furniture more flavour, a story, a history, a conversation.

The Able Table.
Dimension: Length X Width X Height
120 X 60 X 71 cm.
Frame made of Red Pine.
Table Top and leg sheathings made of reclaimed wood.
Able Table believes in “The success of sustainable design is in making it invisible wherein the user chooses to engage simply because it is a better solution.”
quote by Amrita Prasad Adhikari.

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