Climate Disruption

Anything to be done?

Climate Disruption is caused largely by man-made industry creating more greenhouse gases, amongst them methane and CO2; we know that increased levels of CO2 cause climate disruption.

At the GSA we are finding new ways to raise awareness of the effects of Climate Disruption. We need to assess how vulnerable we are to climate disruption, improve information on why we’re taking action and what we’re doing. We need to ensure our policies help us take action, and monitor & report on the effect we have. We work with other universities and organisations, and within the GSA departments, academia and with students.

There are risks we all face with a changing, more extreme climate. We could face interruption in power or water supply due to extreme weather events or shortages, extreme weather could affect infrastructure and how people get to and from the GSA. Flooding or fuel shortages could affect travel, heating and lighting, or changes to the climate could interrupt food supplies.

We can all take actions, for example:

- exploring how the power of art can help communicate Climate Disruption and lead to changes in values and behaviour

- promoting environmentalism and sustainability within our curricula and research

- designing new and retrofit buildings to withstand climate disruption

- encouraging non-fossil fuel travel

- reducing our energy & water use

- reducing & improving our resource procurement and closing the waste resource cycle

- sourcing our food more locally and sustainably.

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