Who we've worked with


SiAG works across the GSA and beyond. We would like to highlight and thank the following partners:

Director Prof. Tom Inns for visible, positive support, and his PA Lorna Ramage
The ARC team – Eilidh Sinclair, Jenny Fraser, Kathy Beckett and Philippa Claude for 15 months practical exploration
The Radial Project team – Eilidh, Jenny and now Grace Mark, Daniel Harte & Andy Stirling Robertson
Prof. Tim Sharpe as convenor of SiAG, and SiAG members for their time and effort
Halls of Residence – Fiona Sloan and Katie Dixon leading the way in energy & water conservation, recycling and re-use
Student Association – practical and policy support across the board from Sam, Will, Rebecca and their colleagues
The Vic Bar for the food, and interactions with their menu
Estates Department – Dougie McKechnie, Barrie Stewart, Mike Quigley, Shona Donnelly, Agnes McGuire for the office space, infrastructure improvements including cycle racks and energy & water saving initiatives
The cleaners and janitors, Robert McLean and Betty King, who engaged on food waste and who really make the place work…
WTMS – Austin, Dreena and their team, we can’t imagine a GSA without their positivity
Careers and Enterprise managers, making connections to broaden student opportunities
Library – promoting sustainability texts
Research, for support and ideas, in particular Maddy Slater, Ranjana Thapalyal and Colin Kirkpatrick
Learning and Teaching – for involvement in areas such as Studio+
HR – in supporting our team and for discussions on improving staff involvement and benefits
Sandi Galbraith for often instant and constant support and advice
Jo Tomlinson and Fiona Jones for administrative support
GSA Yoga and GSA Sport for developing support for students through extra-curricular activities
Academics like Kathy Li who have let us in to student projects
Technicians for their support and engagement in re-use
Finance – budget and support in running our programmes
Procurement – Michael McLaughlin for working with us on energy and waste issues
Union involvement with wellbeing issues
Registry – for support of the annual Degree Show Prize
Comms for their help in spreading the message, developing the newsletter, and keeping us straight on logos
Vic Boyd and the VLE team for marketing support and access to students and staff via the system
Exhibitions for their helpfulness in organising events like Go Green Week
All those students who applied for funding to expand their practice and horizons
MEARU for the support of Rosalie Menon in working with ARC and Halls to improve room ventilation and energy use, and Lynette Robinson and Anna Poston for their knowledge and inspiration
Neil McGuire for the website, and along with Jo Petty for Comm Des interactions
Jane Stickley-Woods, Justin Cater, Colin Kirkpatrick and Tim Sharpe for assessing SiAG funding applications
All the departments who have engaged through development of project briefs and talks to enhance the student experience
Everyone who volunteered their time
Students & staff like Angela Karpouzi and Karen Westland for being an inspiration to us


Climate Challenge Fund – £94,000 for the ARC team’s project, and support from staff Caro Kemp and Phil Nowotny; Sustrans – for £7k cycling infrastructure funding; Zero Waste Scotland for £117k Radial funding
Creative Carbon Scotland – bringing sustainable creatives together
Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges for national and UK networking, conferences, events, support
EAUC Community Engagement Topic Support Network – as convenor we have led three meetings a year
Glasgow and the GUEST group, Napier, UofE, Strathclyde, UWS and Caledonian Universities for working with us
Glasgow Bike Station – Dr Bikes and the upcoming Uni-Cycle funding and events
APUC – the university purchasing organisation, developing sustainable procurement processes
Resource Efficient Scotland – for an estate survey of possible improvement
Exotic Excess Café – for the Lycra and free food
Fashion Revolution – promoting ethical clothing
Garnethill Community Council – Jane Sutherland and her council’s support for On the Verge event and community gardening
Patrick Harvie MSP for launching Go Green Week with us with Nicolas Oddy
The Project Café for catering On the Verge and feeding us when we needed it most
Playdead for their collaboration on the ARC project communications and video
Snook – inspiring workshops on communication
Glasgow Scrap Store – taking some of our excess stuff to be reused
EcoCampus – our environmental accreditors
Rachel Duckhouse, Satish Kumar, Jonathan Baxter, Alistair Mackintosh, Ellie Harrison, Nic Green and all our other inspirational speakers
People and Planet for the Green League and the structure it gives our work
WARPit for creating a reuse culture in Scottish universities
Glasgow University’s Thereza Sales De Aguiar and her students where we gave talks and are developing research

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